Louie-seleguirin Ministry (Fraternity of the parents of priest and religious candidates)

“And for their sakes, I sanctify myself, so that they also may be sanctified in truth.”(John 17:19)

Seleguirin the mother of St. Theresa of Liseux reminds her children, “As your mother, my great responsibility is to help you to become saints.”

As the canonization of Louie and Seleguirin, the parents of St.Theresa of liseux, is near, it is relevant to create a fraternity of the parents of priests and religious candidates to equip them to intercede for the good vocations and to be part of spiritual movements to lead a holy life and to become saints. Being a ministry for the parents of consecrated persons, we pray and work for an increase of stable families and dedicated parents, the primary educators of their children who cultivate the seeds of goodness and generosity that mature into vocations of witnesses and service to the church and society.

During the canonization of St. Maria Goretti, Pope Pius XII kissed the hands of her mother saying that His Holiness was kissing the hands of a holy mother.

It is a great need today that the parents of the consecrated persons should come together, pray together and as a result to inspire other parents to dedicate their children for the service of the people of God. Their prayer and holy life influences the lives of their dedicated children in a big way.

Vatican document Perfectae Caritatis-24 clearly mentions, “The good families are cultivating the seed of vocation. Parents should nurture and protect religious vocations in their children by instilling Christian virtue in their hearts.”
St.John Mariya Viyani says that the salvific works of Christ in this earth is continued by a priest.

Pope Francis narrates an incident from the gospel to speak about the glory of priesthood. There is a shepherd in the gospel who came to know that one sheep is lost from hundred. And he left the ninety nine and went in search of the lost one. Then His Holiness reminds us that in the present situation, we have lost the ninety nine and only one we have in the sheep ben. Do we have the desire to go in search of the lost ones? Through this incident pope reminds us about the need to pray for the good vocations.