Parish Ministry

“You are the salt of the earth….You are the light of the world” (Mt 5:13-16)

In the Roman Catholic Church, a parish is a stable community of the faithful within a Particular Church, whose pastoral care has been entrusted to a parish priest , under the authority of the diocesan bishop. It is the lowest ecclesiastical subdivision in the Catholic Episcopal polity, and the primary constituent unit of a diocese. In the 1983 Code of Canon Law, parishes are constituted under cc. 515–552, entitled "Parishes, Pastors, and Parochial Vicars."

Being convinced that the local parish is the most important ecclesial setting for sharing and acting on our catholic, social and spiritual heritage, we do services that strengthen the capacity of parish communities to serve vulnerable people of all faiths for building up a successful parish community. We provide retreats, counseling, leadership, guidance and training to those called to serve and those who are served. We are making you more able to reveal Christ to the world.

As we read in the gospel of Luke, when the disciples who went to Emmaus, sat with the stranger and broke the bread, they could realize that it was Christ.

Nehemiah missions through the ‘Parish ministry’ aim to create situations in the parish level to recognize Jesus through the breaking of the Word. We have set a prayerful team of spiritual leaders under the charismatic leadership of our director Rev.Fr.Dominic Aippenparambil to give retreats and counseling at the parish level. We go on this ministry due to the conviction that the renewal should start from the parish level for the healthy building up of the mystical body of Christ that is the Church. St. Chavara and St. John Maria Viani are our inspirations and patrons for this ministry.